Monday, May 28, 2007

More Thanks to Give!!

You aren't going to believe this, but I have even MORE people to thank for this weekend.

Thank-you to the Fickes family and Giant Tiger on Saturday who very generously donated all of the food and drink for my barbecue which raised over $500 for Livee's Loonies for CHEO!


And thank-you to Christine's Restaurant, and Christine Gauthier, her staff, and her suppliers, for donating all of the proceeds of her day on Sunday to Livee's Loonies for CHEO! It was an incredible gesture, and, best of all, the food you made for me was YUMMY!!!

My Mom and Dad sure have good friends and family!

Big kisses,

Miss Olivia the Princess!

Big Thanks to My Aunt Rena and her friends!

Aunt Rena, you are very special to me, and I am sending you big, big thanks for all the hard work you have done for Livee's Loonies for CHEO. You have done so much for us and for this project - the next time I see you, I am going to cover you with sweet baby kisses!

Thank you for your tape drive, and for working at Christine's for me on Sunday - your time and effort has been amazing.

And big thanks to your friends who have helped as well!

To Beament Green Law Firm in Ottawa for their generous donation of $200, and to the employees of CESD and CRBM (Canada Revenue Agency - where Aunt Rena works!) for their magnificent donation of $350.

Everyone has been so kind to me and my family!!

Big hugs!

Livee the Lovable

We Have A Winner!

Mike Duval
of Alexandria!!

Mike was the winner of the $600 Golf Club set that was generously donated by my very sweet, very nice cousin, Kevin Quesnel from Wilson Sports.

Have fun playing golf this summer, Mike, and thank you cousin Kevin!!!

Hugs and kisses,

Princess Olivia

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today Is My Third Birthday!!

I am three big years old today!!! And, I am feeling healthy, AND I am celebrating at home!! Yay! Its fun being three already! Today, my Livee's Loonies for CHEO campaign starts to wind down, with our raffle being drawn at noon at the high school...good luck, I hope you win!

Thank you everyone who has loved me for the last three years. Big kisses to Mommy and Daddy, Matt, Ryan, Adam, Brooke, Nick & Noah....I love you!!

Birthday high-fives, and kisses in threes today!

Livee the Lovable


I am going to hi-jack Livee's Birthday fun to thank Leonard and Carol for how hard they worked on Livee's Loonies. They worked tirelessly, and always, always, with a smile on their faces as they did it.

Without a doubt, Len and Carol, you are the parents we should ALL strive to be. With a beautiful home full of incredible children, you show us lessons in love, faith, and compassion. Its amazing to watch you raise your children; and the examples that you set every day, in your daily lives, are ones that will carry on to your children's children.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an important, amazing project. It has been my pleasure, and my great blessing to add my tiny part to your work.

Thank you most especially for welcoming me into your family, and for letting me fall hopelessly, madly in love with Miss Livee the Lovable. Her spirit and amazing soul has guided all of us through this venture, and we are all better people for having her sprinkle her sweet little angel dust on our hearts.

May God Bless you all with good health, and may He always be a reminder to you that life is a precious gift that we must embrace, and thank Him for by living each day joyously.

All my love to you,


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday Morning

What a perfect time to go out for a leisurely breakfast or a late morning brunch, or an early lunch!

And, what a perfect time to contribute to Livee's Loonies for CHEO as we wrap up our campaign!

On Sunday morning, from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m., Christine's Restaurant on Main Street in Alexandria, will be hosting a charity breakfast/brunch/lunch for little ol' me!!! Christine has gotten sponsors to donate food and time, so all of the money she brings in for the day will go toward our goal!

And, who knows, maybe you will even see ME there!!!

I am very excited to see what our grand total will be...I don't think I can count that high!! (yet!)

Hugs and sweet baby kisses,

Livee (your local celebrity, of course!)


Hey Everyone!!!

If you are hungry on Saturday, please come and have a burger or a hot dog with all of my friends at Giant Tiger in Alexandria! Giant Tiger has generously agreed to donate all of the food for the day, so ALL the money collected will go guessed it...Livee's Loonies for CHEO.

Mmmmm...I can smell the burgers from here!


Princess Olivia

Going, Going, Gone!!

It could not have been a better day for a box lunch social and Community Picnic than Monday May 21st in our beautiful Mill Street Park.

Phil Arber and the May Show Festival did a super job in organizing this event. It was so interesting for our young people who attended to learn about the box lunch social being an old Victorian tradition.

There are articles in the Newspapers the last few days about Queen Victoria and this box lunch comes at just the right time. Local Auctioneer Leigh Cruise did an excellent job in auctioning the very tasty box lunches and there were many bidders who could hardly wait to open their very special box.

There were many people and organizations who made these great lunches and they were certainly enjoyed by all. There was good music and we got to experience fantastic local talent.

But more important this was a fund raiser for CHEO. The funds raised were donated to Livee's Loonies for CHEO and little Olivia Seguin was the guest of honor. Along with her Mom Carol they welcomed all who attended and thanked the organizers for this wonderful day.

We were able to see our children and grandchildren enjoying themselves at the various children's activities that were set up. We thought of the many little ones that were in CHEO this day and the wonderful care they would receive thanks to fundraisers such as this one. It was a very successful day for Livee's Loonies because of all the wonderful and caring people in this community.

Ann MacDonell (Carol's sister, and Livee's very proud Aunt)


Note: This wonderful fund-raiser netted $1,072 for Livee's Loonies for CHEO. And more importantly, Livee met some wonderful new friends, some of whom share that little extra chromosome with her!


Last Friday, Glengarry District High School held a fund-raiser "Fun Day" for me - they raised $500 for Livee's Loonies for CHEO!!! WOW!!!!

Give me a "G" - give me a "D" - give me an "H" - give me an "S"

What do you have?!? GDHS - YAAAAY!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Very Special Little Girl!

Hello Everybody!

We had a very exciting weekend, with lots of fund-raisers for Livee's Loonies for CHEO - we raised another $2,000!

There is a very special little girl named Olivia (just like me!) who has worked very hard for Livee's Loonies for CHEO.

Olivia's mom and dad are Scott & Julia Graham, and they are very proud of their daughter for all of her efforts for us.

Olivia has made her own canister at Maxville Public School, where she is a student in Grade 2, and she has collected Loonies and other money for me for weeks now.

Last week, she was featured on the CJOH News for her generous work for our cause.

Olivia is so sweet, and so caring, and works so hard to help others. She has been given a great gift of helping others, and she is an incredible little girl.

PLUS, she loves me!!! That is one of the best parts!!

We are very excited that Olivia will be joining our family on the CHEO Telethon at 11:05 on Sunday, June 3rd.

Thank you so much, Olivia, for helping this Olivia see a dream come true! You are wonderful!

Hugs and kisses,

Livee the Lovable

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here We Grow Again!!!

We have two very busy weekends ahead of us for Livee's Loonies for CHEO! On Saturday, some of my friends and family will be at Tim Horton's selling tickets to our golf clubs, and on that same day, there is a May Auction being held in Vankleek Hill to benefit our cause.

Then, on Monday, there is a "lunch box" auction being held, where local people have donated different lunch boxes to be auctioned off...and guess who the proceeds go to? "Yep, Livee's Loonies for CHEO!!"

Next weekend, Giant Tiger is holding a barbecue in their parking lot from 11 to 3 and they will donate all of the proceeds to us!

And then...on Sunday, Christine's Restaurant is donating all of the profits from breakfast and lunch to our most awesome cause. very own, very special birthday is this Thursday, May 24th, when we will be choosing the winner of our raffle...and maybe eating a little cake too!!!

Thank you all so much for everything you are doing for us.

Love and sweet baby kisses,

Livee the Lovable

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Now, I have a Movie Out!!

Tonight, my Mom and her friend, Betsy, debuted a movie all about ME at the Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting.

I think they liked it! Everyone was very nice to my Mom and supportive of our project.

In fact...they want 50 copies of my movie. Yes, you heard me right - 50 copies!!!

Our whole school board is going to see my story, and see how many people cherish me.

And my Mom is going to send lots of people my movie too - I'm just too cute to resist!

It was a very nice night - My mom loves me so.

Hugs to everyone!!!

Livee the Lovable

P.S. - I have found my nose lately - did you know noses had two holes in them?!?!? Why didn't anyone tell me this before?

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure!

Our yard sale on Saturday was a giant success! We had beautiful weather, and everyone got a little sunburned! We had so many wonderful helpers and so many items. It was a very fun day for everyone.

*I* even made an appearance - and said hello to everyone. I found a very nice babydoll that my friend Paige used to have, and I brought her home to love. My silly brother Nick had a great time shopping all day, and loaded up my Mom and Dad's van with lots of stuff!!

I had to leave after a while because I was getting sleepy and needed a nap - its not easy being famous, you know!

After the generosity all of those who donated, and all of those who bought items at our yard sale, we made $3,300!!! WOOHOO!!!

Boy, we sure are going to busy writing thank you notes when this is all over!!!

Love and kisses,

Princess Olivia

Friday Was A Very Special Day for Me!

Last Friday, I was invited by Iona Academy to be the very special guest of honour at their assembly. Iona held a school-wide loonie drive just for "Livee's Loonies for CHEO" - guess how much they raised??


That's a lot of loonies!!

I was a little late for the assembly because all of my fans wanted to hug me on the way in, and cannot deny her fans.



Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I'm Famous!

Have you ever been on TV? Well...I HAVE!!!

See that picture of me on the side? That's me with Carol Anne Meehan. She is a co-anchor on CJOH News in Ottawa.

Carol Anne and I are friends, you know! Carol Anne came to meet my dad and me when I was at CHEO getting better one time. She spent a lot of time with me (probably because I'm kinda cute!). My Mom emailed her to tell her all about Livee's Loonies for CHEO, so Carol Anne mentioned me on the news the other night.

We all thought that was very nice of her to do. It was fun to see Livee's Loonies on tv!

On Saturday, May 5th, we are holding a giant yard sale at the high school for anyone who would like to come. We have lots and lots and lots of items for sale! And a yummy barbeque lunch as well.

And...***drum roll please*** I am even going to be there!! Well, not all day, because my friends are taking my brother Noah and me out for breakfast first, but then we are stopping by to see all of my fans at the yard sale.

I am so proud of all of you who are helping this project grow so much! My family is very touched by everyone's generosity.

hugs and sweet baby kisses,

Livee the Lovable