Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yard Sale Totals are In!

Hello to all of my fans!

Well, it was sort of a rainy day, but that didn't stop our yard sale! We just moved it inside, and had a long row of tables full of all sorts of goodies.

We had many generous people who donated items, and nearly 40 volunteers to man the tables and the barbeque not to mention all of the wonderful people who baked for us!

We also had some very special guests who visited us that day - my friends Emma and Paige came by to say hello, and Noah's friend, Jenna, along with lots of friends of my big sister Brooke - every time I saw her that day, she had 6 or 7 girls around her!

And, we had a very nice visit from our friend, Carol Anne Meehan, who works for CJOH News. Carol Anne wasn't working that day - she just came to say hello. She had her sweet daughter Elena with her.

Even though she wasn't working, she was very accommodating to all of the people who wanted to take their picture with her.

We raised a whooping 3,200 dollars in one day!!

Hoorah for us!!!

Hugs and kisses

Livee the Lovable

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