Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm not feeling so well...

Hello to all my fans,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am not feeling very good right now. I have been a bit raspy for a few days, and on Monday, I saw Dr. Pothos at CHEO, who told my Mom to keep her eye on me, and if I got any worse to take me into the hospital.

Well, like all kids do, I waited until the middle of the night to spike a fever. So Mom and Dad took me to the hospital here in Alexandria. My O2 sats were really bad, even with lots of oxygen, so early Tuesday morning, Daddy and I got to ride in the big ambulance to CHEO.

Daddy was very brave, and held my hand and tried to entertain me all the way there. Mom went home to get all of my siblings off to school, and then she came to the hospital to relieve Dad. He was pretty tired (and needed a shave!).

So, the doctor's say I have pneumonia again. That's not good for me, because my lungs are still tiny and very fragile. I am on all kinds of medicine - one they have to put in my arm with a NEEDLE!! It took them 6 times to get it in, because I have lots of scar tissue from all the other times they put an i.v. in.

And I am taking a steroid to help me breathe. It helps, but it makes me hyper and grumpy all at the same time.

Then, I have to have oxygen too! I'm tied up to all kinds of things, and to top it all off, they had to put a hood on my crib because I wanted OUT of there! Can you blame me?!?!

So my mom and I are hanging out here at CHEO for however long it takes my lungs to get strong enough to breathe on their own. When I can go 24 hours without oxygen and keep my sats up, then they will think about letting us go home.

If anyone wants to check on me, I'm on Four East at the hospital. And right now, my dad is home with all of my siblings, so if you can help them in any way, please do.

Tonight is my brother, Nick's, Confirmation. We sure wish we could be there with him, but we send him lots of love and prayers and asked Daddy to take lots of pictures for us.

Thank you everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers for my speedy recover.



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